Aperitivo in terrazza

Aperitif on terrace

Ending the working week with friends and a drink: is there anything more relaxing than this? Sure, and it’s having a drink mixed with our wines.

On 26th July, from 6:30 to 9 p.m., our mixologist will present a cocktail list with special main characters: our wines.

Here what you can choose:

  • GrappaTonic: our Grappa Argentum XLV replaces gin.
  • Americano Nectar: one of the most loved pre-dinner lostes red vermut and adopts Nectar, a red Malvasia passita with wild strawberries and red fruits notes
  • Ricchissimo: cranberries, lemon and Ruchè, a very elegant red wine you can taste only here. In fact, Ruché can be produced only in a very small area around our estate
  • TM Passion: TM Brut bubbles are even sweeter with passion fruit
  • Green apple: lime, green apple, honey and our Auratum XLV grappa, obtained with Barbera marcs

Or you can taste a glass of TM Brut 24, Nymphae, Musae, Ruber, Violae, Ruchè and Dulcem.


Aperitif with food: 15 euros

Book now to have an extra 10% discount in our wine shop: info@tenutamontemagno.it | +39 0141 63624