Carciofo confit

Artichoke confìt on roasted cauliflower cream, red cow parmesan mousse and candied lemon

The cuisine of Tenuta Montemagno’s restaurant, La Civetta sul Comò, is led by Executive Chef Giampiero Vento, who proposes a menu composed of dishes made by combining the great Piedmontese tradition with a pinch of creativity and innovation.

For his early spring recipe, artichoke confìt on roasted cauliflower cream, red cow parmesan mousse and candied lemon, Chef Vento has selected a seasonal product typical of an area just a few kilometres from Monferrato: the spiny artichoke of Albenga

In the preparation of this recipe, Vento has added a fundamental ingredient, for him: memory, the call of memories of home cooking, with the aromas and flavours of good home cooking, of barbecues with friends… in short, all that baggage of extremely pleasant feelings and emotions that one wishes to replicate in one’s own preparations to donate to the palate of guests new elegance and interpretation.


This appetiser dish has as its main protagonist, as mentioned, the artichoke, a vegetable that goes very well with first courses, fish and meat, but which the chef wanted to make the main subject of his recipe.

The first step towards confit preparation is to marinate the artichoke in plenty of oil, garlic and herbs. It is then steamed for an hour at about 70°, to avoid overcooking and to maintain a good consistency of the artichoke. The passage to the blowtorch to gently burn our ‘protagonist’ begins to add those flavours linked to memories such as the smell of grill and charcoal. Together with the artichoke we also burn some herbs, first and foremost rosemary, which will give a special touch to the flavours of the final dish.

The first touches of elegance are then added to the dish through the mousse of red cow parmesan cheese aged for 36 months.

Further ingredients that give a unique and personal style to the dish are the caramelised lemon peel, with sour and sweet notes at the same time to contrast the bitterness of the artichoke. The completion of the dish is rendered with a previously roasted cauliflower cream, which adds the final touch of elegance to this starter that is proving to be a great success with guests at the relais.

The wine to go with this dish is, according to our sommeliers, a strong and powerful white. We therefore recommend Tenuta Montemagno’s pure Timorasso Solis Vis. A structured white, capable of supporting courses typically accompanied by great red wines.

You can purchase Solis Vis from our online shop. So those who wish to try their hand at this preparation can complete the experience with pure Timorasso. On the other hand, we will be happy to welcome those who would like to taste the dish and wine directly at the estate, contacting us at reception to book a tasteful stay in Monferrato.

Solis Vis
vigneto Solis Vis

Solis Vis, the Piedmontese white wine with the character of a red

Solis Vis, the wine made with Timorasso grape by Tenuta Montemagno, year after year gains worldwide medals and prizes as the confirmation of the careful work in the vineyards, conducted by the agronomist Maurizio Cerrato and the meticulous vinification process under the supervision of Gianfranco Cordero, the enologist, in cellar.

TMM Solis Vis

The appreciation of the peculiarities of this wine expressed by the fans and also the critics is the proof that Tenuta Montemagno went for the right choice to cultivate this rare and challenging grape in this corner of Monferrato. The consumers discover this wine especially for its versatility with the food pairings, that are unusual and astonishing.

The menu of the restaurant “La Civetta sul Comò”, located in the elegant Torre salon of Tenuta Montemagno, proposes recipes that are able to valorize our wines’ production and to lead you in a complete immersion of the Monferrato’s tastes and perfumes.

Among the innovative recipes of the executive chef Giampiero Vento, we suggest to try as starter the fish dish of Palamita in carpione (marinated), with green sauce and crispy salted almonds.

The Palamita is a fish of the Mediterranean Sea – “Mare Nostrum”, very rich of Omega3; the meat is very tasty, softened by the carpionatura and enhanced by the scent of almonds.

The minerality typical of the Solis Vis exalts this fusion of tastes and its important structure enhances the savor of this sea fish in carpione.

Another great pairing , maybe more classic but always appreciated, is together with the Vitello Tonnato – veal in tuna mayonnaise, reinterpreted by the Chef.

vitello tonnato

Searching among the first dishes, another crossing food combination is with a pasta seasoned according to the Southern Italian regions ingredients: spaghetti with roasted tomatoes, Shrimp Mazarese and buffalo cream.

The bouquet, the elegance and the firm structure of our Timorasso  perfectly boost every single ingredient, balancing the traits, the long lasting on the palate and inviting for the another sip.

The summer season is approaching and our journey of taste can be inaugurated by a recipe that reminds us the seaside scents, the sunshine, the beaches: Salted cod in cooking oil, citrus fruit and bell pepper in sweet and sour.

A dip in the colors and flavors of our peninsula, greatly represented by the Timorasso colors’ flag: the straw  yellow of the grape and green wax seal on the Solis Vis label.


Solis Vis, Monferrato Bianco D.O.C., Timorasso in purity: a white wine with a red wine soul.