Tenuta Montemagno

TM method


The TM Method: the innovation on the tradition’s path. 

The approach of the Barea Family, of the Oenologue Mr. Gianfranco Cordero and of the Agronomist, Mr. Maurizio Cerrato, it is focused on making unique wines, able to gift huge emotions and to guarantee health and long-living in all the TM wines.

Tenuta Montemagno fingerprint is represented by the extremely low sulfites in all wines: in our Metodo Classico – sparkling of Barbera grapes, in the indigenous and the internationals whites and in the important reds of our tradition.


Since  the first planting of the  vine-shoot, the Team of oenologues and agronomists all work according to the strict respect of the TM Method protocol and for the fulfillment of harvest’s expectations. The Monferrato is a territory sometimes difficult and harsh, so, the deep knowledge of the soil and the pedoclimatic conditions, represent the principal elements to have in mind for the plantation of every single grape, for the construction of the perfect environment where the vinification process take place, with regard to the tradition, the identity and the elegant style of the producer.

The production’s philosophy of Tenuta Montemagno is based on the important knowledge of this territory, on the better yield of every single plant, on the accurate clusters thinning made by hand – for our Barbera Mysterium, the clusters left on each plant for harvest are 6. The hand-made harvest is the final phase of the works in vineyard and it is the starting point for the production of healthy and long lasting wines.

The shape and the position of the hilly  vineyards surrounding Tenuta, have a fundamental role to guarantee the quality of the delicate harvest process.

The assurance of the ideal conditions of the grapes, that are gathered in front of the cellar, with a very fast process, from the picking and without losing any juice from the grapes (that could be the cause of unwilling fermentations), is  guaranteed by different elements:

– The proximity of the vineyards to the cellar

– The laying of bounces in small baskets

– The careful supervision of our Oenologues’ Team

The Agronomist’s operations in the vineyard seem to origin from a so called holistic vision, which assure the high quality of each bounce.

Besides the experience of whom is familiar with our soil and land, an important support is given by the technology applied for the collection and the elaboration of data about the weather, the rain, humidity and temperature, to “read” the biological system, as well as  catching the insects to measure their concentration. All these data are elaborated and studied to plan the precise treatments to do when and where they are strictly necessary.

Actually, in Tenuta Montemagno vineyards, the treatments are of “residual 0” and they follow the policy of “biological first”. This philosophy safeguards the vine, the territory and the health of both, producer and consumer. The aim to keep extremely low sulfites levels finds its motivation in the passion to have a perfect and complete vineyard’s cultivation process, from the first step until the bottling.


The suggestion and the charme of the cellar of Tenuta Montemagno harmonize with the technological innovation. All the vinification processes take place in the steel tanks and in anaerobic atmosphere, thanks to the application of compressors with filters that separate the oxygen from the air. This practice generates azote, which is involved in all the vinification processes to avoid an unpleasant oxidation first, of the must, and after of the wine itself.

Moreover, the accurate control of the temperatures and the humidity tax prevents the risk of microorganisms and mold formation, which are a menace for the salubrity and the longevity of the wines.

The tools and the instruments, as well as the machineries necessary for the vinification process, have been projected and optimized according to our wine making style and our vision and passion.

All the tanks have hermetic closure to preserve all the aromas of the wine. Moreover, the pumping are made in a very natural way, utilizing the CO2 pressure that is generated during the fermentation phase, when only selected noble lees are used in.

In 24 hours, the pumping cycles are 6 and the way is totally natural and automatic. This particular  and natural vinification process, the extraction of polyphenols – which gives the aromas to the wine, of anthocyanin – responsible of the color, and of tannins – for the longevity and complexity,  all these elements are well present already the day after the fermentation starting.

For the red wines, the start of this delicate phase begins only when the tank is completely full, and the temperature perfectly controlled by the Nectar technology.

The white wines, we do a soft pressure and a carbonic maceration with dry ice to preserve the delicate and precious aromas and perfumes that characterize the Timorasso and Sauvignon grapes.

After the washing of the empty bottles, also the bottling procedure is made in an anaerobic environment, so that the wine doesn’t come in contact with the oxygen and is preserved by the oxidative process in bottle. In this way, in addition to ensuring the respect of the supply chain in a controlled environment, we give our wines great longevity.

The addition of sulfites, necessary to ensure the proper conservation of the wine, is calculated on the basis of the analyses carried out in the cellar during the processing eand represents the minimum quantity necessary to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the wine and to preserve it during the rest in the bottle.

Compared to the parameters dictated by the disciplinary D.O.C. , D.O.C.G (max 200mg/l) and Organic wines (max 150 mg/l), the labels of Tenuta Montemagno are positioned at significantly lower values. Suffice it to mention the 29 mg/l of Ruché Invictus, the 41 mg/l of Grignolino or the 69 mg/l of the Metodo Classico – Sparkling wine. 


Achieving and maintaining the results of excellence over time, it requires a lot of passion, commitment and dedication, in addition to the deep knowledge of the territory, and the masterful interpretation of the “terroir”.

The winery of Tenuta Montemagno was conceived and designed from the beginning to produce long-living and healthy wines with very low sulfites content.

An approach that starts from the idea, the intuition, the will that the environment in which to work the wine is the third fundamental element (after the vineyard and the working in the cellar), to achieve the goal for which the labels of Tenuta Montemagno were born.

The decision to build a cellar “above ground”, but equipped with all the most modern technologies to manage the best temperature, humidity and ventilation in the different areas, was a winning choice to control in a precise and timely manner all the phases of winemaking: from fermentation in steel tanks, to malolactic fermentation in barrels for Barbera Mysterium, to refermentation in bottle for the Metodo Classico.

The efforts made in the vineyard, in the cellar and the constant investments in technology, offer our customers and all wine-lovers, great emotions to the taste of our labels. Wines that are not afraid of time and that are designed in full respect of the health of our consumers, to ensure a pleasant drinkability.

”Tiziano Barea and Gianfranco Cordero in a picture of Ugo Zamborlini, published on Spirito di Vino n° 82 – Oct/Nov