TMM Barbera



In Piedmont, in the province of Asti, since forever Barbera is synonymous of red wine.

A wine that, thanks to its constant evolution during the years, has been able to gain the most prestigious international wine guides mentions and to conquer the heart of the most passionate consumers.

The perseverance of the producers who believed in this “pop” grape and have constantly invested in vineyard and cellar, it has been prized. They make labels that exalt more and more the organoleptic traits of this grape and produce wines suitable for all palates, different and fine.

If we have a look to the territory of Asti area and its orographic features, made of sweet hills emerged from the sea of millions of years ago, we are looking at the Monferrato region. Here, the origin of this ancient vine, the Barbera, date back to the sixteenth century. Monferrato is an area full of unique oenological propositions, as unique are the views and the cultures of this site, that is UNESCO heritage since 2014.

Tenuta Montemagno is in the heart of Monferrato and it covers over 100 hectares, 20 of which are planted with vines. Here there are 6 denominations – 2 DOCG and 4 DOC are cultivated (Barbera d’Asti, Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato, Grignolino d’Asti and Malvasia di Casorzo, Monferrato Bianco and Monferrato Rosso).

Two are the Barbera of Tenuta Montemagno: Mysterium (Barbera d’Asti Superiore DOCG) and Austerum (Barbera d’Asti DOCG) and they, together with the Ruché, all represent the excellence among the reds from our wine production.

The hectares of vineyards are 20 and 7 of Barbera. The most ancient ones have an extension of 3.5 hectares and the plants have more than 80 years. Then, Mysterium, Barbera d’Asti Superiore DOCG. has a long story, deep roots, able to fascinate glass by glass the lucky passionates. The lovers of our Barbera – Collection Range, perfectly know that the yield/hectare is 55 q, compare to the 90 q/hectare required by the regulation of the production of Barbera d’Asti.

Actually, the total production of the 2016 vintage is limited to 19.250 bottles. This choice is linked to the TM philosophy heritage and to the respect of the vines’ cycles. The goal is the production of wines with very low content of sulfites that is the guarantee of wholesomeness and longevity of the product, that begins by selecting only the best grapes during the harvest.

Mysterium refines in barrels for 18 months. After the first malolactic fermentation, the wine is divided in 3 equal parts: 1/3 is poured in barriques of 225 lt of capacity, 1/3 in tonneaux of 500 lt. of capacity and 1/3 in big Slavonia barrels of 2500 lt of capacity. After this period, the wine refines at least for 6 months in bottle. Then, the time of aging of our Barbera d’Asti Superiore, before drinking is at least 24 months. The structure of Mysterium is so peculiar thanks to the balance given by the long refinement, by the tannins and by the malolactic refermentation. Indeed this Barbera has an incredible potential of aging so it could be great drinking the last vintage’s bottle but also compare it to the previous ones and set an unforgettable “vertical” tasting. We recommend to create a small cellar where you can carefully keep different vintages and then taste them after some time, even many years later. In so doing the organoleptic characteristics of Mysterium Barbera d’Asti Superiore, are expressed fully, in the glass, through the power, the fruit, the freshness and the important structure, the elegance, the mineral olfactory complexities given by the territory and to the elegant tannins given by the particular refinement in three types of woods with different toasts. Precisely from the complex spectrum of tastings and the ancient origins of its vineyards, derives the name Mysterium, to pay homage to a grape capable of surprising with its deep red color and reflections between the purple and the black. The bouquet has intense, hints of balsamic, with marked notes of cherry, licorice, cocoa. It covers the palate with warm and intense tones, with tannins present but never intrusive and with great aromatic persistency.

The perfect food pairing with Mysterium? Surely the recipes of the Piedmontese tradition based on meat, from the mixed boiled meat, to the calf cheek with reduction of the same Barbera wine, but also the pigeon with red fruits. A contrast of tastes in which the glass pays homage to a noble course with a very high profile. (Restaurant La Civetta sul Comò)

The vineyards of the Austerum, Barbera d’Asti DOCGhave an extension of 1.5 hectare, facing south, southwest and characterized by a soil made of calcareous clay with slightly silty marls and alkaline pH with considerable water retention. The average age of the vines is 25 years and they are now in the best moment for strength and elegance of expression. The grapes, after the manual harvest, give a wine that improves for 6 months in big Slavonia barrel of 2500 lt of capacity and then for 6 months in bottle. The yearly production counts 12.000 bottles. Austerum is a graceful, generous Barbera, classic and sincere, typical as this wine is, universally appreciated for its pleasant drink and for the versatility in combinations at the table. The intense red color with violet reflections introduces to an olfactory analysis where we find a powerful scent with notes of cherry, raspberry, currant and berries, while the palate is enveloped by a soft and velvety flavor with delicate notes of wild berries jam and with an intense spicy and licorice note in closure. The tannin is well balanced and gifts long persistency on the palate.

Austerum is the ideal wine for the first dishes of the Piedmontese cuisine: from the raviolini del Plin to the agnolotti with roasted meat sauce. The most exigent palates can appreciate the challenge to pair it with our codfish with green sauce. (Restaurant La Civetta sul Comò)

Now, few words about the last 2 hectares cultivated with Barbera in Tenuta Montemagno: their Barbera production is dedicated to Violae, our label that blends Barbera grape, indigenous variety of Monferrato and Syrah, indigenous grape, to make a wine with an international appeal, well appreciated in the wine bars, in the restaurants, in the wine shops.
Violae ages for 6 months in the exhausted barriques, used 3 times for the Mysterium, from which it extracts and preserves the notes of earth, spices and minerals of our Barbera Superiore.
Violae is characterized by an intense red color with cardinal reflections and notes of red fruits, black cherry, nutmeg, slight acidity strength, but not invasive.
The ideal food pairing to enjoy at the best our blend of Barbera and Syrah? Aperitifs, starters, tasty risotti are just some suggestions. Violae is also the perfect wine to prepare the palate to our even more complex wines.