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The native wines of Tenuta Montemagno, Ruber the grignolino


The Grignolino is a red indigenous variety of Asti and Casale areas, in Monferrato, Piedmont. Probably is one of the grapes that in this area finds its deep identity.  In the past years, in this region, it was synonym of “a glass of red wine”.

This wine is renowned since the Middle Ages with the name of Barbesino – from Latin Barbexinus and its existence attested by the XIII century citations , reported in the archives of Casale Monferrato.

Therefore, the actual name’s etymology could find its origin from the Asti dialectical noun gragnola or grignole, meaning the numerous seeds in the grape, which is definitely one of the trait of Grignolino. Another theory about the name’s origin, would derive the name Grignolino from the verb grigné – to grind. Luckily, this character has been disproved by the success of Grignolino wine in the oenological panorama, that identifies it as one of the most appreciated and eclectic wines of the Monferrato.

The first note of its existence, in Piedmont, referred that the home of Grignolino grape was the hilly area between the cities of Casale Monferrato and Asti, exactly where Tenuta Montemagno vineyards extend.

It is known that the Grignolino is a niche wine, with a deep roots in the Piedmontese wine tradition, but its production is a demanding process. The vineyards are planted and cultivated  in the Monferrato territory, because of the soil composition and the Terroir. Actually, in the past, some zones of the northern regions of Lombardia and Veneto were cultivated with Grignolino vineyards, but, despite the careful vinification processes and the research for the highest quality, the Grignolino became the grape of our territory – the Monferrato, formed by rugged lands and caressed by the mild southern wind that , together with the peculiar soil composition, both give it delicate aromas and structure.

For the agronomist and the oenologue of Tenuta Montemagno, every new challenge is translated into commitment and dedication. In such case, the goal is clear: making of a wine with a “diminutive name” a  great wine.

Actually, Tenuta Montemagno produces Ruber, Grignolino d’Asti DOC, 100% Grignolino grapes, with the passion and the deep experience that is typical of its production and philosophy .

The rubin red color of Tenuta Montemagno Grignolino d’Asti inspires the name of Ruber: this wine is  elegant, with a marked personality, an ample tannic spectrum on the palate, a dry taste and a very interesting persistency.

In every glass of Grignolino, we find the important oenological story of Piedmont. Ruber is a red wine of friendly character , able to let us enjoy the aperitif – when  served lightly  chilled, and the classical recipes of the Piedmont’s cuisine, as the medium seasoned cheese, the Muletta – typical salame of Monferrato, and the Agnolotti – stuffed pasta.

The secret to valorize its organoleptic structure is to drink the Grignolino with dishes that don’t cover its aromatic notes and delicate balance.

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