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Work in vineyard and cellar: spring

Article written in collaboration with Roberto Nantiat, winemaker of Tenuta Montemagno Tasting a good wine is the final act of a sublime love story. A story that connects man and nature, the passion for the cultivation of vineyards and the acceptance of this attention by nature. But how much work is there behind a glass […]

Ruber: the Grignolino d’Asti and the delicacy of tannin

When we tell the story of Grignolino, we emphasize the peasant origin because here, in Monferrato, in these vineyards, it is was among the first grapes to be cultivated. Indeed, it was the quintessential Piedmontese wine, made for daily drinking. The Grignolino is an autochthonous vine native to the hilly region delimitated by the cities […]

The districts around Tenuta Montemagno Relais & Wines

Monferrato is a rather large area, mainly hilly in nature, almost within the provinces of Asti and Alessandria. Its territory is divided into three distinct areas: Basso Monferrato, Monferrato Astigiano (where Tenuta Montemagno is located) and Alto Monferrato. The whole area is full of places to visit of historical, artistic and, of course, eno-gastronomic interest. […]

SOLIS VIS: the Sun Force

The idea of naming the wines of own production with Latin names was born in Tiziano Barea, Tenuta Montemagno’s owner, from the desire to emphasize the identity, history, tradition but above all,  to connote the great evocative force. The Timorasso, already fascinating for its history, its typicality and its character, becomes among the white wines […]

Solis Vis, the Piedmontese white wine with the character of a red

Solis Vis, the wine made with Timorasso grape by Tenuta Montemagno, year after year gains worldwide medals and prizes as the confirmation of the careful work in the vineyards, conducted by the agronomist Maurizio Cerrato and the meticulous vinification process under the supervision of Gianfranco Cordero, the enologist, in cellar. The appreciation of the peculiarities […]