FESTA DEL RUCHE’ Montemagno 12-14.05.2017




From 12th to 15th Tenuta Montemagno will hosted “Festa del Ruchè”, the event to promote Ruchè, one of the most important wine of Monferrato area.

The festival’s inaugural dinner will take place on Friday, 12th May, with a special four-handed menu created by Massimiliano Musso (Ristorante Cà Vittorie – 1 Michelin Star) and the 1 Michelin Star chef Vittorio Fusari (Ristorante Al Pont de Ferr) to enhance Ruchè, an elegant and velvety to the palate red wine.


During the dinner you’ll discover Ruché shades, distinguished by echoes of violet, and the best Italian cuisine.


Slow-cooked rabbit with vegetables (by chef Musso)

Ravioli with pesto and smoked beef carpaccio (by chef Fusari)

Veal cheeks, Jerusalem artichokes with saffron and Ruchè sauce with capers powder

Bunet (Chef Musso)

To take part at the dinner, we invite you to contact us by Tuesday, 9th May: +39 (0)141 63624 | info@tenutamontemagno.it


During the festival weekend, you can taste more than 20 different Ruchè at Tenuta La Mercantile.